A Hologram that speaks your language

The dangers of electromagnetic radiation from mobile and wireless technology are now very well documented and of growing concern.
ERIDIUM is a stabiliser of the human electromagnetic field. The Holotech® technology interacts with the body by converting its magnetic pulse into a more coherent stream. The resonance process enables the body to instantly restore its full potential.





For everyone

ERIDIUM is a passive device and does not emit frequencies of any kind. It is therefore suitable for any age and gender regardless of medical condition.





Scientifically proven

ERIDIUM has demonstrated the effects of its Holotech® technology in full-scale random studies with placebo control. It took 5 years of research and leading scientists in the fields of Optics, Biomagnetism and Neurophysiology to accept ERIDIUM as a powerful biomagnetic stabiliser.





No side effects

ERIDIUM Holotech® is safe as this does not imply any active substance nor self-radiation. ERIDIUM’s unique property is a stabilising effect on the electromagnetic waves that correspond to the natural quality of our own electromagnetic field.



A few of ERIDIUM’s features



Safe Holotech® Technology

ERIDIUM operating principle is based on the interaction between the hologram structure and our own electromagnetic field. There is no active substance involved.





Stabilise your energy

Under the influence of electromagnetic pollution our body loses its natural response potential. ERIDIUM is restoring coherence in the spectrum that corresponds to our own biological field.





Regain control

Tested in the most advanced sport-science laboratory, Holotech® technology significantly improved Muscle Response Speed, O2 Consumption and Heart Rate Variability.





Science Based

ERIDIUM is the only holographic brand basing its claims on scientific research.





Understand the problem.

More than 1800 studies have demonstrated the negative effects of mobile phone radiation on human cells.




Laboratory results revealed significant improvements in:


Muscle response speed


Heart rate variability


Oxygen consumption


Recuperation time after exercise


Overall activity of the vegetative system